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Why choose us over hiring a full-time employee?

In a nutshell, our subscription gives you team-level capabilities at the cost of one full-time employee. No hiring headaches or expenses involved. Plus, you can easily adjust your scale without any long-term commitments. Mind-blowing, right? 🚀

Can I make as many requests as I want?

Absolutely, requests are unlimited! Regardless of your subscription plan, you can add as many requests as you want. Just remember the "one active task at a time" rule – no new task starts until the current one is marked as done ✅.

How quickly can I expect my tasks to be finished?

Generally, tasks are wrapped up within two days or less on average. However, it varies depending on the complexity; simple updates or bug fixes often take just a few hours or a day, whereas more intricate tasks like crafting a custom solution might extend to a week.

Rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop about your task's status, working closely with you to ensure a speedy completion without compromising quality. ⚡️

Do I have to make monthly payments, or are there other options?

You have the option for quarterly payments too! Keep an eye out for a small toggle above the pricing 👀 If you're interested in yearly billing or any other arrangements, just give us a heads-up.

How can I submit and check on my requests?

Once you're on board with our service, you'll have your own personalized task board to keep tabs on all your tasks. Additionally, we provide various options for creating your requests. To delve into the details, book a quick demo with us!

What if I'm not satisfied with the work?

We hope it never comes to that 🫣, but if it does, we've got your back. Just as there are unlimited task requests, there are also unlimited revisions. We're here to keep refining the work until you're 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Do you provide fixed-price solutions as well?

Absolutely! 😎 Whether you're into one-off projects or have something uniquely tailored, we've got you covered. Visit our inquiry form to receive a custom offer.

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